MVP to 4.2K visitors in 2 days

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    I love these data visualization projects. They're some of the hardest to do because there are no set UI patterns. And it's also hard to simply sprinkle in some chart.js because the whole point of a website like this is to think of how data could be visualized. Definitely combines the technical + artistic.


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      Thanks, been interested in these kinda of visualizations for a very long, happy that this one came together so quickly!

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    Are there any people in South Dakota...or does it not exists...LOL...nice site..

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      The population distribution in the USA is very interesting and I'm not a statistician! 🤣

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    What do the colors mean in the bars?

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      Blue is a state won by Democrats in 2016. Red is a state won by Republications.

      The shade darkest to lightest is how close to the 2016 total vote count each state is getting. Lightest is over 100% (ie, more than voted in 2016).

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    crazy to see the states that had a 100% increase in turnout!

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      Yeah, crazy to think that a lot of people will still vote on election day, but the turnout in early voting is off the charts!

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    The MVP was very simple, just a single page, that showed how many people that voted in the 2020 US Presidential Election.


    Since then the site has grown, to more, but not much more. Still very minimal, but useful information about the state of voting in American presidential elections.

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    Love the idea of a tiny app / website to answer popular question. And the website looks slick! Will use it to follow election scores :)

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      Thanks! Glad to hear it.

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    This is so cool, Mubashar! How did you make it? I don't code, so this is wild to me that you were able to do this so fast.

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