My 1st "thread" attempt and first 100 RT Tweet

I've been reading Cortland talk about IHers who are really into Twitter optimization in recent podcast transcripts and I thought I'd really have a go at it.

Especially given how much Twitter helped me pre-sell an ebook, it seemed like it would be worthwhile to build up my personal account. It's currently smaller than my Alchemist Camp account.

I did a 5-tweet thread and far exceeded my previous best, with any Twitter account. With 538 followers and without asking for retweets, I got over 200k impressions and 15k engagements throughout the thread and the 2nd tweet in it is about to break 100 retweets.

Here's the strategy I used:

  • Tweet #1: An honest expression of excitement and surprise about something I'd learned from a blog post that aggregated data about startups. You can probably guess about the result from the tweet, but this tweet builds curiosity.
  • Tweet #2: The big reveal. It's also a revelation that will make many people proud of their work and many, many others feel vindicated in their decision making. Still others will want to amplify the message for reasons.
  • Tweet #3: Additional information I looked up myself that supports and even intensifies the big reveal.
  • Tweet #4: Perspective and qualifying statements about the topic. This tweet is for the haters. It gets retweeted by people who dislike or want to minimize Tweet #2 and Tweet #3.
  • Tweet #5: The open ended question that people will have a wide variety of opinions about.

Summary: build curiosity, reveal, intensify, address the haters, and ask an open question.

Here's the tweet thread.

As I said at the top, I'm a twitter noob. What else can I do to improve this formula?

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