My 2 graphic cents on 2 topics that bugs indie hackers

I felt "artistic" and visualise some of my thoughts for two topics that indie hackers often think/talk

I'm very bad at the design, so this is my best. However, even this is sometimes more powerful than me explaining it.

I've combined them into one picture so it can be uploaded as a IH post image, but you can find both of them in high resolution (yeah, you want it 4K I guess 😅) here
Ideas: https://twitter.com/brunoraljic/status/1267470481847922690
Dev/Sales: https://twitter.com/brunoraljic/status/1267862607387660288

Should I talk about my idea, will they steal it?

Here on the left is you, with your idea. On the right is average person who already knows what it takes to launch an idea, and there is an average number of their ideas around them. Can you see a place where they can place your idea next to theirs?

I had additional tweet on this topic:

Should I build a landing page or MVP first?

That's the one on the right. Well, this is coming from my personal experience. I've spent too much time building Bee Informed, even supporting both platform without first sale. Now it's a struggle. Not abandoning the idea but I'm realising how much stuff could be done without building some things first.

I'll occasionally share some of my observations either on twitter or on my blog so make sure you either follow me or you're subscribed to blogs newsletter.

See ya around

  1. 2

    Excellent picture. It says what so many IHers need to realise.

  2. 2

    Beautiful in it's simplicity :)

    Just a side note: I wholeheartedly agree with these, but I think it's harder to put them into action.

    I, and I assume many others, don't really understand the process of "just a landing page" to having an audience to validate before building. I think we could all use a clear process on how to do that. I'll be Amy Hoy's courses clarify this, but I haven't taken the plunge :)

    1. 2

      Yeah, I got your point. However, if we talk more about it, maybe right people will hear.
      It doesn't have to be process of "just a landing page" and building the audience around it. It can be building first 3 customer around it. Building one customer.

      As a developer, I was thinking like - if I ever go to the sales meeting, I need to put my mobile phone on the table and open the app to show it's functionality.
      When my innovation mentor asked me - why haven't you go and talk with businesses about your idea I was like - that's a no-no in my world. However, those times are changed.

      Don't know about Amy's course, will have to check it

      1. 2

        You can DM me if you want to learn more about the course. I haven't reviewed them yet.

  3. 1

    Which tool you used to create this awesome graphic?

  4. 2

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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