May 13, 2019

My acquihire adventure with a large tech company

Tim Nolet @tnolet

So last year I had a pretty interesting couple of months when a pretty big players in my SaaS's space and me were negotiating a possible acquihire.

I'm only just publishing a blog post on this because the product by that company just launched. Suffice to say the deal did not go through. I had a pretty positive experience though. I wrote a post about it in my weekly "building a SaaS" blog.

Some takeaways are:

👉 An acquihire is not an acquisition. They are buying you, not the company not the product. This is not necessarily bad.
👉 There are a ton of meetings. C-level should be there.
👉 Nothing's done until it's done and the money is in the bank.

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    Thanks for sharing this, Tim. I'm a big fan of your writing style, and your posts on implementing Stripe and other features in your SaaS were good references as I've been building. Thanks for continuing to share - it's really valuable stuff!

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      More than welcome!