My Big Epic Fail

When I was working on an MVP, I created two Typeforms, one for custom illustrations and one for questions about improving the service.

The second one just helps me collect feedback and understand the interests of customers. You can fill this form out here.

But the first Typeform is very important; this is a second way to monetize the service. All illustrations on the website this is our portfolio, so customers can choose a style and order the same illustrations. Good point!

But… I didn’t connect email notifications. Boom…

I happened to go to Typeform and decided to check the answers, although I thought I would get notifications by email. And what did I find…? From the test period and launch (1-2 months), I got 6 requests for custom illustrations. 4 of them were not interested, but 2 are potential orders. And I didn’t know about these requests…

Of course, I answered the inquiries and explained the situation, but deadlines were missed. Turn on email notifications and don't repeat my mistakes!

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