My Experience Building a Tech Startup Without a Technical Co-Founder

Finding a technical co-founder is one of the biggest challenges faced by startup founders.

Here’s how Audapio’s Founder Dudley Gould overcame this common startup hurdle.

"I started my entrepreneurial journey like most first-time founders.

I had a great idea, with the industry knowledge to turn it into a business vision. But I had no idea how to actually bring it to life.

No experience. Limited technical expertise. And no co-founders.

I was convinced I needed a technical co-founder, that dream partner who could help turn my vision into a product.

So I started looking for them.

I went to meetups. Reached out to friends and friends of friends. Reached out to ex-colleagues. Joined online groups.

You name it, I tried it.

The days quickly turned into weeks. The weeks started going by quicker and quicker and I felt like I was going nowhere.

So I made a decision. Arguably one of the most important ones in the early stages of Audapio. But more on that in a bit.

First, let me start by expanding on the idea behind Audapio."

Link to the full article: https://altar.io/building-a-startup-without-a-technical-co-founder/

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