🚀 My First Build-In-Public Post

It's a launch day! 🚀🚀 I'm thrilled to announce my first product and it's called Mist. (https://www.usemist.com) It's a Chrome Extension that helps you practice mindfulness without detaching from your work.

✨ What was the problem? 👀 A few weeks ago, I was listening to sounds of nature on Spotify I noticed that I had to constantly switch apps, in order to listen to relaxing sounds while I work. From there this idea came into my mind 🙂

✨ What are the benefits? The user doesn't have to constantly switch apps to listen to relaxing sounds The user can practice mindfulness, by meditating, without fully detaching from their work.

✨ Here are some briefs about the product 📠

  • It's easy to use since it integrates with Chrome
  • Guided meditations created by meditation experts.
  • Sounds of Nature and LoFi Music to increase focus and productivity.

✨ So now that I gave you the glimpse, let's start with my plan(TL;DR): ✅Determine the MVP Stack
✅Make a marketing plan
✅Grow the waitlist
✅Start building MVP
🚀Public Launch
🚀Iterate the product

✅ Determine the MVP Stack We are probably going to use React since we already have some experience with it. For the backend, I am thinking of Firebase, since it's easy to use and work on. For the payments, we will be using Stripe, since their API is amazing.

✅ Make a marketing plan A marketing plan will be hard, as I have no prior experience in marketing a SaaS. We are definitely going to focus more on organic marketing and growing our social media though.

✅ Grow the waitlist This one is very straightforward, but also very hard. How much our waitlist grows depends on how well our marketing plan works.

✅ Start building the MVP I have already started developing the MVP. The UI/UX is ready, and a small part of the development is already done. The product will probably be ready within the next three weeks.

🚀 Public Launch This is the part that I'm most excited about. Mist. will be my first public product launch. We will be launching public access when the product can deliver all the features we want.

🚀 Iterate the product I will be constantly asking for feedback and suggestions over the design and features of the product.

So that's my plan!🎉 It may work out or otherwise!! No matter what happens, I'm sure It will team me a lot. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!✨✨, if you want to join the journey then hit like and follow me.

If you want to signup for early access, head over to https://usemist.com 🥳🥳

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    @aposded This post was on point!

    Choosing stripe was a great decision. It has better integrations than most other payment platforms out there.

    Can't wait to see your product live! Do make a separate post for the live launch on indie hackers! Would love to try out the live product.

    All the best!

  2. 1

    @aposded Mist seems really nice and very useful! Do you want any initial help with marketing? I've worked on SaaS marketing multiple times before. Would love to help you out if needed :)

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