My first Landing Page + Soon Product Launch ever

Hi people :)

I've been building vidtranslate from a command line prototype version to a frontend for the last two weeks and I'm in desperate need of some feedback.

The Idea

Translate videos into different languages.
E.g. The user uploads a video, adds desired output languages, and can download a translated version of the video.

Pain points

Page can be found here

  • As my potential target audience could basically be everyone I would like to know if the description of the idea and process is clear and understandable.
  • Any opinion on the hero section layout?
  • I'm especially looking for feedback in regards to the titles/subtitles/texts as well as the overall flow of the page.
  • Another feature I've been putting some time into is the demo section. Users can click through the different translations and listen to the same video in different languages to experience the quality of the voices and accents of the synthesized audio. I'm unsure if it's clear for the user to take action here.

Any ideas or concerns about the page or idea? I'm very grateful and excited for your feedback!

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    Very cool idea.

    Not sure how you can get round this, but the demo video looked like part of the UI to me (perhaps because it's also white background) - so found this confusing.

    1. 1

      Hey Harve! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the page. I totally share your point and was already thinking how to make it a little more obvious that the user can take action here. Thanks!

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    Sweet, man! I love the UI/UX design and the functionality seems to be really fast and amazing!
    I watched the translated video and it feels like an actual person is talking! Not just an automated voice!
    I don't know how you managed to do this. Amazing.

    So far, I'd say, this got a 💯

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      Thanks for your kind words! It took a lot of back and forth to get to this point actually. So many thrown-out drafts haha. Happy that you find it somewhat visually appealing! Thank you so much for taking the time to test it!

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    I'm impressed! That's an awesome Idea for an Service!

    I would place the 3 Points (Upload Video... Select Language... Download Video) in front of the first Video. This way, users know, what to expect to see in the video now... and it's like little teasers of the functionality of your service on the very top of you page. (Above the fold information)

    Maybe also place the Email-Address ⇒ Join Beta Field down the page (maybe at the bottom of the Page.


    • you still have a fixed "Join Beta" Button in the upper right corner
    • nobody will sign, before seeing what your product does
    • if the user is at the very bottom of the page (because he follow your funnel down while checking what your project does), he didn't see (and maybe don't remember of ) the input text-field at the very beginning to sign to the Beta.

    Hope that helps you a bit.

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      Hey! Thank you so much @suther! I'm deeply grateful for you taking some of your time to look over it and give me feedback.

      I definitely share your opinion and I'm about to implement the changes as we speak!

      Thank you so much and have a wonderful day :) Take care!

      1. 2

        You welcome.
        I will sign up to your beta and will keep an eye on it. If I will have some additional ideas or feedback, I'll let you know.
        Good luck with your project.

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          thanks for the follow on IH!

        2. 1

          Thanks! I really appreciate you!

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      Thanks! Let's see how it goes next week 🙏

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