My First Million podcast: Browser extensions making millions

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    "There's 1.6 billion iphone users. 2 million iphone apps in the store right now.

    Chrome users: 3 billion Chrome users, only 200,000 plugins. There's a TON of opportunity here!" (~17 minutes in)

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    Late to the party I guess but I just discovered this podcast. This ep. was great. I think Chrome Extensions are a great Step 1 in Rob Walling's Stair Step Approach. See here for reference: https://robwalling.com/2015/03/26/the-stairstep-approach-to-bootstrapping/

    The idea is you need to start off making your first money online with something simple that doesn't require support and is more of a one time sale deal. Not that you can't make recurring revenue from and Chrome Extension. I just think Chrome Extensions are a great one time sale opportunity for simple to build products.

    Here are some great links I found to get started:

    Credit goes to this tweet by Brian Leroux and comments by @swyx and others.

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      I agree! I think extensions have a lot going for them:

      • Huge global market
      • No costs to build, deploy, scale, and distribute
      • Relatively easy-to-learn platform and lots of good resources
      • Can provide value by modifying existing sites instead of having to create an entire app from scratch
      • Chrome Web Store drives organic global traffic without having to do anything
      • Can take one-time or recurring payments easily with ExtensionPay
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    Good stuff, thanks for sharing!!

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