Ideas and Validation October 25, 2020

My first MVP | Design Directory

Anh ”Musa” Do @musado

Hello all, I’m building Doesign, a directory database of tools and resources (mainly SaaS) for UX/UI and graphic design. The list has been growing to over +500 tools/resources, +8 filters, and +79 departments (still updating weekly).

My inspiration came from:

  • My background as a graphic designer
  • My curiosity for testing new alternatives that can replace my current expensive stacks, but still have the necessary features
  • I love reading about how other designers/teams use their design stacks
  • Finding the suite of tools for my specific needs has become more difficult because there are just so many of them out there. I love that we have options, but we feel overwhelmed in the long run. So I thought if there were a design directory tailored to meet us and our team's needs, it would save us big time.

Before launching this project, I created a landing page here ( to test the water first.

If you are a UX/UI/graphic designer, would you be interested in this? I'm looking for your expert opinions and suggestions. Thank you.

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    I like the idea! I would definately metrics like price/value, so people can pick out the freebies that are worth getting, since not all free content is created equal. Good luck!

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      Yes, I agree. Thanks for your reply. I currently have 1 filter for Pricing with options (Free Trial, Freemium, One-time license, Open Source, and Subscription) and 1 filter for Freebies that list out all the freebies that a software/service offer (i.e. Templates, guidelines, etc.). So users can choose based on that.

      Is this the price/value metrics are you looking for?

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        That answers my question yes, are you going to review them/give them a score? Or allow potential customers to score each of the resources?

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          My long-term plan for is users can score each of the tools/productized service they use so other users can benefit from their insights and vice versa. Building that takes time (for a non-coder like me) so I'll ask around which website builder is suitable for the review system.

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