My first Product Hunt launch is live! - Art by an AI

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    Looks like this post picked up traction now that the Product Hunt launch is over 😄

    Just want to thank everyone for their support and for checking out the site - it's been a fun day.

    I'm going to be doing a small write-up of how the launch went, with stats and numbers. Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to know about!

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    Upvoted, cool product :)

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    Awesome product. Already upvoted. best of luck

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    Can you tell us a bit about how this is generated? Blog post or something would be great.

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      I've had a few people ask that. I might write a blog post on it. But there are definitely resources that explain it better than I can.

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        I’m really just interested in hearing about the work you did to achieve this, less so about the GAN implementation (the AI nuts and bolts) or whatever was driving the deep/machine learning.

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    Very very cool 😎

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    Art by an AI was my August project - Project No. 5!

    It's also the first project I'm sharing on Product Hunt. I'm looking forward to seeing what prompts people submit, and the art that gets generated from it!

    It's a prompt competition where the winning user submitted prompts get generated into art at 12:00 UTC each day.

    Would love some feedback!

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