My first "product" is a niche generator.


Few days ago, i've made a really small project named "Niche Generator". As a designer, I'm not a solid programmer but i have really enjoyed making this little project.

The problem that i always face is to start with an idea, so this tool forces me to start with people.

All of your feedback and critics are welcome!


Have a nice day :)

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    Hugo, this is awesome. This is such a great and exciting tool that incites people to contribute with submission of ideas or telling their stories by applying the ideas that were generated in the platform. Have you thought about the idea of creating a community around it?

    I love the domain too.

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      Thanks for your comment, Leticia! Wow, it can be amazing! What if this becomes "niche challenge of the week" with a precise niche to explore and submit MVPs and stuff?

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        Yes, that's a great idea! And then you can get the community to upvote the best MVPs similar to PH.

        I would just try to move away from a 'predatory' environment in which members would try to compete against each other - not sure how.

        Maybe framing the platform as a way to find co-founders and partners to start ideas?

        1. 1

          I want to keep it simple and enjoyable :D im working on improvements to go a bit further with generated niches!

          Art of war show show us is preferable to succeed without fighting. Since its really hard to make a useful and beautiful thing, I focus on serving rather than confronting.

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            That’s the way to go! Looking forward to see your product development!

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    Suggested niche: "Kids who struggles with corporate jobs."

    Ripe for disruption I'd say!

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      Oh yeah! Some educational content on the corporate world or something like this maybe? :)

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    #6 975 : "Unemployed who try to be better at work life balance."

    I'm on it.


    (Also, very clever and subtle way to promote your Notion template!)

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      Thanks for sharing your generated niche! :D It's now time to ideate something haha! Thanks! :p

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    Ahahaha very funny! Though I don't know why photographers should be disappointed by Spotify 😂 Anyway: good work! But I fear the retro design will be appreciated only by elder millennials or older (ahh, good ol' windows '95!)

    1. 1

      Thanks for your comment! :D Hum maybe Spotify is a way bigger source of inspiration for artistic-related jobs than we can think haha!

      Thanks for these kind words!
      Ah yes, teenagers have never known these interfaces: o What is the "retro" image in the minds of teenagers? I notice the 70s ads have a kind of universal retro look even for those who weren't born in the 50s, that's funny!


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    Love this, Hugo! The design gave me serious nostalgia.
    My suggested niche was "Remote workers who try to be better at oral presentations."

    Being a co-founder of a fully remote company building a very complex solution, I can totally understand this. Demo days can be a lot more fun if folks are able to add pizzazz to oral presentations!

    All the best :D

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      Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad the design remind you of some weird sounds :D Yeah, it will be fun to just brainstorm around this niche, I'm sure some cool ideas can follow up!

      Have a nice day!

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    Without knowing too much about where you're going with this, I would say that generators and calculators like this can be a powerful top-of-funnel feature for larger platforms, like startup.com or even IndieHackers 😛

    See if any content site around entrepreneurship would want to feature your tool as an "Idea Generator"?

    1. 1

      You are right, it can be a great side tool for these players audience! I'll see what actors can take leverage from my little tool :) Thanks for your suggestion!

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    This thing is a hoot! Toss an affiliate link on the page, market it a bit and claim your victory!

    1. 1

      Thanks for your feedback :) Yeah, it may be realistic to cover my hosting fees with an affiliate link! Any advice about this?🤔

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        Not really, some affiliate link for a product or service someone who would use your generator might be highly inclined to click. Some kind of dev tool or something...

        1. 1

          Yes i see :) Maybe some ready-to-use design stuff.

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    Haha, this is great! I like the retro look of it 😎.

    You started with a very small-scoped project and good for you 👌. What problems have you encountered while you were building that you could solve as your next project? 🤪


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      Im very glad you like this retro look, im a big fan of retro things :D

      Yes, i want to keep it deadly simple (and even, in this case, it was quite challenging).

      The main technical pitfall is the live niche counter, i handle it with a workflow on n8n (Since i dont know about db and server stuff). But I'm limited to 5.000 calls :/ And i never thought that so many users click on this squeaky button haha! I think there is a better way to handle this, I'll think about it :)


    2. 2

      Btw I feel like you got the Spanish version of my name or something.

      My full name is Maxime Hugo Dupré 😆

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    Great work, really enjoyed it, would definitely be stickier if you had an example of a few competitors serving the generated niche.


    1. 1

      Thanks for your comment!

      This will be definitely helpful yeah! And maybe a "hardcore score" note can be fun no? More competitors serving the generated niche, spicier is the score :D

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    I clicked it at least 10 times. I enjoyed each click very much. Great job.

    It's perfectly fine as a one and done concept, but to make it a more useful tool, perhaps you could add a link for each "niche." Some way to explore the generated ideas a little deeper. Maybe it's an article / source (how are you determining this is a viable niche?), or a list of competitors in the space. Just some way to make the experience a little stickier and get the "lay of the land" for each idea. Also may help to shake up the language a little. There sure are a lot of "disappointments" out there!

    Nice work. And yes, the UI is very fun.

    1. 1

      Wow, thanks for taking time to test my thing so far :D

      There are some cool ideas! Linking existing communities and actors in the generated game can be helpful to go further yeah!

      I love the image of "lay of the land", it can be like a game loading screen or some information is provided about the game you are about to play, super interesting!

      1. 2

        Oh yea, that's a cool twist. Give it a shot!

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    Unique design.

    How are you generating the ideas? Have you prefilled them and displaying randomly?

    1. 1

      Thanks for your feedback, glad to see this retro design is enjoyable!

      There are some arrays: typical people and typical useful things in life/business. And then, i just combine them :)

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    The UI and design is 😍

    Congrats Hugo!

    1. 1

      It means a lot for me since i spend about 25% of the time on the design :) Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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    Love it man, nice work!

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot! Hope you like to play with it :D

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      Yeah, a super-powered Notion with a dedicated assistant :o
      Thanks for your comment, glad you like it :D

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