My first public project

Hi everyone,

My name is Slava, I am a full-stack developer. Last month in my free time I make my form builder. This is my first public project, the others were left in a box with all my pet projects.

Snappy Form is a platform for creating web forms that are easy to create for anyone to use and then share a link to the form on social networks, send it by email, or embed it on your website.

One of the differences from similar builders - it is a free plan, in which all and forever available 3 forms, no limited number of blocks in the forms, 1 integration for each form to choose from, not a limited number of responses (responses are stored for 30 days). Paid plans, which will remove restrictions, will come later.

What is more:

  • Configuring form access restrictions by time or number of responses accepted
  • Integrations: Email, Telegram, Webhook. The list of integrations will be expanded later.
  • Flexible customization of form styles
  • Work with responses and analytics
  • Export responses in XLSX, CSV
  • Redirect on completion of the form
  • Hidden fields
  • Ready-made templates to get you started quickly

What's coming next:

  • New blocks
  • New Integrations
  • Forms functionality
  • Block logic
  • Calculating data based on user input
  • Team combining
  • And much more

I will be very happy to get feedback and suggestions.

Link: https://snappy-form.com/

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    Congratulations for going public! Nice one

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    Congrats on your product! I love your landing page btw and the product looks that could provide real value to other people, cheers!

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