😨😨My first UI design! Pls help me.

I usually won't make mockups on Figma and I start out directly in code. After reading some articles on the web I decided to make the mockup. I am working on a used and non-used furniture marketplace. And here is my landing page design:

Please give me brutally honest feedback. 😂😂

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    If I may, I don't think that the esthetical aspect is the most important. Your content is what matters the most. You can make something beautiful but without the real text, it's almost impossible to build an impactful page.

    You can put some graphics elements that look great but you should design around your content, not the opposite. The most important is the story you want to tell, and then you try to figure out how to embellish the story through some beauty.

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    This isn't a bad first attempt. Lots of white space, very easy to look at overall. You should pay more attention to your spacing though. Your section headings and labels could use a bit more breathing room. If you read a couple of articles on 'vertical rhythm' you'll be able to approach your next version with a much better understanding of spacing. The text in your photo boxes really needs that extra space around it and the drop shadow is a bit too bold.

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    All the text is dummy, please help me on topics like fonts and design. I am a really bad designer.

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      you're better off just buying a template from other IH members:

      are two great spots to start from

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        Thanks for the mention Orlie!

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      This comment was deleted a month ago.

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