My friend call me dragon, you call me Lazy Louis

Hi there!

I am Louis, I am new to IndieHacker and I found here is a paradise! I am working on a project called Loopit(https://loopit.dev/).

This is just an idea from my friends and I: we're too bored and too lazy to think about where to go for our weekend Getaway trip, then we thought to ourselves, "wouldn't it be nice if someone can do the research for us?"
So we made this stuff, send in requests of your choice of locations; and we will match you with other's travel experience in our database and send it back to you. Then you are good to go! Try it and tell us what do you think, any feedback is welcome!

p.s: My subject line is a copy from robocop, is there anyone here who realizes it 🤣? I love old movies btw

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    I just watched Robocop for the first time last week. There was a snow storm in Texas and no internet.... Old DVDs it was.. Lol

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