Twitter July 18, 2020

My friend's "cute dad tweet" is blowing up

Kirill Zubovsky @kirill

My friend and I were kind of joking how if you tweet something cute about kids, more often than not it gets quite a bit of traction. Just for fun, he tweeted a little bit about his parenting skills, and if totally blew up beyond his wildest dreams.

You can plan a PR campaign, write great content, bend over backwards and get nothing, or you can tweet something cute, and get all the attention in world. The Internet is weird.

  1. 3

    That's a crazy amount of likes. 🤯

    1. 2

      Right? I thought it was crazy when it crossed 2k upvotes, but then it was basically doubling every hour. Insanity

      1. 2

        Just found this thread. Internet is powered by cats, babies and cuteness 🤯.

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