My Indie Hacker Goal

When I first started as an Indie Hacker, my goal was to earn $100/day.

Everything that I did was to achieve that goal. I reached that goal after 6 months and I increased my goal to $200/day. I reached that goal a year back, now my current goal is $300/day. This might look small sometimes and easy to achieve but it's not and when you get small wins, you move to a bigger goal all the while maintaining the momentum and enthusiasm.

On the flips side, if I had set my goal to $10K/month, it would seem very big and I might have given up very early (Actually I wouldn't because I quit my job 😅 and hate 9 to 5 job). A lot of people might not see any gratification anytime soon with big goals. Its always good to set small realistic goals which will ultimately make you a successful maker in the long run.

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    Excellent advice. This resonates so much with me. Around 2014, $167 a day was my initial goal (for a $5k MRR). I made it my desktop background till I surpassed it. Might have to do it again for inspiration.

    Btw, how is visalist's performance now days due to covid?

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      It took 70% hit back in February, now it's making $2500/month

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    Thanks a lot for the invaluable insights!

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    Congrats! How did you reach your $100 a day goal?

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    Congrats man! What was your SEO budget for Visalist.io? I see that it has around 1k plus referring domains from top authority sites. I have many micro startup ideas myself, but without SEO I think it will be very difficult to scale them. Also, SEO is very expensive.

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