My journey of achieving happiness: improving long-term happiness in 21 days

TL;DR: I researched the science behind happiness and how to become happier, and made an app (available on the iOS App Store) based on positive psychology that I hope can help you as much as it helped me!

Hi there! I hope you all are having a great day. 😊 A little bit about me: I am currently a student where my own happiness is constantly challenged and I consistently find myself stressed and overwhelmed. Like many of you, I am always looking for ways to help myself become happier, healthier, and less stressed in my day-to-day life.

I never really found any methods or techniques that really helped me, until I found the field of "positive psychology," as I'm sure many of you have as well! The discoveries made by psychologists like Martin Seligman and Shawn Achor were revelatory to me on how I could functionally and practically improve my happiness with proven methods.

Over the course of a few months, I did a handful of research into the field of positive psychology to learn what it will take from me to follow through and become an overall happier person. What I implemented for myself was, truthfully, life-changing. I got some of my friends hooked this too, and they were blown away by how much their mindset changed without them even realizing!

Based on this initial success, I set out to build an app that could hopefully reach a wider audience and help guide their brain to thinking more positively based on structured activities. And that's exactly what I did!

The Well App challenges you to complete 5 activities every day for 21 days. The activities are: record 3 gratitudes, write a journal entry, perform 3 acts of kindness, exercise for 20 minutes, and meditate for 15 minutes. These activities are directly based on the PERMA model, supported by Martin Seligman, and the TED Talk delivered by Shawn Achor. They are proven to be effective in improving your long-term happiness and productivity, and from personal experience I can confirm that it definitely does help!

Of course, everyone's minds work differently, and as such these methods may not work for you. However, I would encourage you to give it a try, and I would appreciate any feedback you have for me.

Here is the link to this project's website where you can learn more about the science behind the app and how to download it. https://projects.colegaw.in/well-app

Thanks so much for your time! I wish you all the best.

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    Cool! I recently wrote an essay on happiness and I really enjoyed discussing this topic. I used https://artscolumbia.org/free-essays/happiness/ to better structure my thoughts. This helped me get the highest possible score.

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    Your project seems really good, especially that you are backing it up with a case study/research. I have a couple questions,

    1. How does the app work on the web? I opened the Netlify link and only see a big yellow logo.
    2. How does the app motivates the person to do the daily activities?

    All the best with your App :)

    1. 2

      Thanks for the kind words! The app is built with the Flutter app development platform, which is still in beta for the web. Unfortunately you might have to wait an extended period of time for it to load! An android app is coming soon as well.

      The app sends users notifications to remind them to record their activities. Additionally, the app has an “inspiration page” feature through which the users can view their past entries. This keeps the users motivated to continue their work each day!

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