My Learnings On Identifying the Idea

The first step for you when starting a new project is to find the right idea.

The best way to arrive at a good idea is not trying to think up new ideas – that would be the wrong way. The ideal way is to look for problems and needs, preferably problems and needs you have faced yourself.

Alternatively, it could be something you have seen other people, your friends or family, face regularly.

Why is it better to work on such problems? First and foremost - it ensures the problem really exists. It sounds obvious to say that you should only work on problems that exist. And yet, by far the most common mistake people make, is to try and solve problems no one faces.

Your aim should be to solve a problem that exists. Trying to solve for pain points that individuals or businesses face, can help you arrive at your venture idea.

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    Learnt recently,

    Flow with the wave

    Introducing something new to the market and make it adopt is really hard, instead building something the market already uses and need is smart way to pick a project.

    I learnt this the hard way

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      Interesting. Thanks for sharing

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    I agree on that. I think everything comes from personal experience. You have to work on things, then you start facing the problems and if you are a problem solver you start generating the solutions.

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