My most ambitious dev project - Automated newsfeed in 3 days w/ Twitter APIs, Ruby on Rails, Tailwind CSS 🚀

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    I really like the design of this. Simple, yet colorful enough to stand out.

    Other really interesting UI elements:

    • Next update timer (really like this)
    • Newsfeed selection -- this is really neat. Doesn't clutter with too many items. Perhaps a way to refresh and get more items if the tweets there aren't satisfying?

    Great work!

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot Simon :)

      I am adding infinite feed next, you think that would address the point of getting more items if not satisfied? It just won't be the same day but across multiple days.

      1. 3

        Yeah that might work. Same day would be more ideal -- I'm guessing there's some curating happening on the backend, so perhaps add another 10-15 tweets to show if the first 3-4 don't satisfy.

        You could even make it so that once the user refreshes 3-4 times, they see a prompt to sign up (for those who are browsing) to get updates when new items are added.

        1. 2

          Interesting points. True, so every tweet has a score basis which it is ordered. I could probably add a 'load more' button for each day.

          The sign up prompt trick is neat - thanks for mentioning this :)

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