My newsletter did get good traction from Twitter, but I.

I just started working on Curiousfounders.com, a Short and crisp Weekly newsletter for entrepreneurs with a short video.

My newsletter got really good traction from Twitter. To set up everything quickly, I used getrevue.co. The issue was the verification mail, I got about 50 unique visits from Twitter and I think almost all of them subscribed, but none verified the mail.

I now changed from revue to Mailchimp
What can I do now to get those users back? Or should I just forget those early subscribers?

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    Hi Tom, I don't think there's any way you can recover them. However you should know that email verification is a GDPR requirement, and if you have anyone subscribing from the EU, then you will have to have email verification enabled.

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    Substack has a choice where the creator can choose to enable double opt-in or not. Starting off people usually keep it turned off. So you don't get stuck like this.

    What you can do is, reply or quote tweet the original tweet saying that you required double opt-in, so if anyone has signed up from there they need to go to their inbox and click a link.
    Unfortunately, there is no other way to salvage this.

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      Thanks a ton @ayushchat
      Why I chose Revue was coz you have to take the substack premium to connect a custom domain.

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    Could you look into whether they allow you to export data out? Any good platform should enable you to export data out. You can then convert into a simple CSV file and import into Mailchimp.

    Another solution is just email/contact getrevue.com and see if they can get that data for you. With 50 users I imagined they can helo you quickly

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      The problem is not to export the data, but revue won't add subscribers until thy verify their mail. And most didn't verify their mail.

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        If most didn't verify their email is it because email went into spam or that user didn't verify?

        Mailchimp requires double opting as well and require a verification too(at least that what they do with my own news letter) so you may get the same problem with getrevue though.

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