My Newsletter Mention Brought More Traffic Than Product Hunt

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    That's always a sign of a good newsletter! 😉

    What do you use to manage your newsletter sponsors btw? I'm looking for users to try for this tool I'm building to manage newsletter sponsorships: http://getsponsy.com

    If you are interested in trying it out let me know and I'll add you to the close beta! Would be awesome to have your feedback!

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      Hey my man, would love to sign up :)

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        Cool, just invited you! Would love to hear your thoughts about it!

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          I just signed up, a really nice flow.

          The only negative is the description text on the landing page. It's just one block, I wish I could format it a bit nice, like line breaks and maybe bold text.

          Also, I can't seem to save my subscriber, click rate, etc.


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            Also another bug is I select the 18 March for a slot and when I save it says the 17 March

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              Thanks a lot for the feedback and bugs! We are going to fix the bugs today for you. And I see your point of the description formatting, we'll try to implement that asap too.

              I'll email you about the bugs!

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      Hey hey, just had an awesome launch yesterday , One of the most requested feature request was a newsletter, which I am planning to start. maybe sponsy would be a good choice for me.😀.

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        Hey @Tomshwa congrats on the launch too, looks pretty good!

        You can definitely give Sponsy a try if you start a newsletter. My advise for sponsorships it is to first build a but of an audience (100+ subscribers) and then focus on sponsors, but there’s no harm in start looking for sponsors early on, and Sponsy is free to use and easy to set up.

        I can see the benefit of product owners advertising on your newsletter for extra exposure on their launch or product ;)

        P.S I noticed the layout of Firehunt doesn’t render so good on mobile, I can send you a screenshot if you want. :)

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          Hey sircon, please do send me an screenshot if this is an bug, I need to fix it quickly.
          Also I will take your advice and wait for 100+ subscribers before looking for sponsors. Though we have some request of sponsorship for our front page.
          (Are you on safari, there was some bug which I fixed today regarding Firehunt not being rendered properly on safari.)

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            Yes, it was on Safari and I just checked it again and it seems to be all fixed ;)

            Regarding, sponsorship don't follow my advice blindly, there are a million ways to do the same thing. If you already have some interest for some sponsorships I think you should take it, probably the same people would be interested as well on sponsoring a possible newsletter.

            Any time you want to try Sponsy, feel free to sign up for the closed beta and ping me on Twitter @sircon or @getsponsy, or by email [email protected] and I'll add you to the beta testers. The platform is free and it takes a few minutes to set it up and have it live!

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              Ya sure thanks 👍🏻

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    Which newsletter was this? And which business sponsored it?

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    Whats niche and link of Newsletter to subscribe? I might use it for sponsorship in coming week.

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      Hey it was my own newsletter https://www.fiveideasaday.com/

      The niche is tech, start-up & product.

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