Newsletter Crew May 24, 2020

My open Stats this week - Newsletter, Twitter and Sam Parr replying my tweet

Leo Nagano @Leo

Hey, a quick update after launching Before90s Newsletter last week and started tweeting more often.


  • Subscribers from 5 to 14
  • 50% more page views
    Before90s Newsletter Stats

Twitter usage

leonagano twitter Stats

  • After writing a bite-sized insight I tweeted @thesamparr, The Hustle newsletter CEO, as he once said he should charge yearly only. To my surprise, here his answer:
    samparr twitter

Things like that keep me moving on!
P.s: I tweeted back back but got no reply :( I guess he was joking

Here on IndieHackers, @witsuma made a deep analysis of 40 Twitter accounts, how to boost my Twitter account, where he gave me good advices that I've been applying. Thanks Wit!

This week in my newsletter, how Lego built their first bricks and how you can apply to your business.

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    If you're looking for more advice, I launched a newsletter this week that mixes movie insights and tips to growing social accounts. Just hit 400 subs as well. Happy to help if you need anything!

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    Cool interaction with Sam Parr. This is how Twitter shrinks the world!

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      Yes, Twitter allows direct connections that would be way more difficult offline