March 11, 2019

My product is now open source



I have open sourced traduora - a translation management platform for teams that I've been building for the past months.

A couple of weeks ago I realised that if I want it to become everyone's home for managing their translation workflow, it's important to make the core product open source.

This way anyone is free to use it and modify it for their own needs while sharing those improvements back to the community. This would hopefully encourage developers to build on top of it as a platform.

Let me know what you think!

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    This is BOLD and I can see Stars already Booming in less than 12 hours on Github. Great decision.

    Just asking - What's Next? How do you plan to monetize? Was this your side project?

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      Thanks for the feedback!

      Yes it's been my main side project for the past couple of months, and in the past weeks I pivoted my strategy from launching it as a SaaS to going open source from day one.

      As of next steps: I'll continue to add a couple of important missing features to make it easier for people to use in their projects and also lay out the basics for automatic translations.

      Then depending on interest and once I've gauged the right pricing I would open up the hosted version.

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        Don't you think? it's too risky to open hosted version now? There could be a competitor easily.

        Booming Star proves - the project credibility, it's worth every penny.

        Translation is a big deal in App Industry and any app to it can be monetized easily.

        Truly admire, what you have done and I believe you must have taken this decision after thoroughly analysing and setting up future plans in mind.

        cheers and heavy congratulation.

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    Wow! 128 stars in 13 hours. How did you promote it?

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      Most of the traffic comes from HackerNews :)

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        Thanks for the information!