Product Hunt January 12, 2021

🎉 My project "Product & UX Conferences" is featured on Product Hunt! 🎉

Ahmed Sulaiman @ahmed_sulajman

There is a huge chance we'll see a lot of conferences and meetups this year. And with a majority of events switching to virtual format, it will be even more accessible to anyone around the world.

So I decided to make this curated collection of product management and UX conferences in 2021 and today it was featured on Product Hunt!

🎊 There are 60 conferences in total.
🗓 You can filter all conferences by date.
🌍 You can also filter by location (including Virtual conferences)

💵 Filter by tickets price
🔍 A proper search filed along with filters

Feel free to join the conversation there and let me know if I missed any good meetups or conferences from the list 🙂

It has been a fun project from the technical side as well because I decided to power the website with Jekyll, a static website generator. But there is no way to make dynamic filters and search in Jekyll because it doesn't support API or dynamic routes. I built a few scripts to make it possible. But this is probably a story for another post.

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