My reasons to use particular marketing tactic (and what are yours?)

You probably know well the sites (https://www.getscrapbook.com) and companies (https://ladder.io/playbook) that allow you to buy marketing tactics bases. Some of them provide them partially for free, so we can easily assess how the concept of tactics is understood. This content is certainly of value to someone who works as a marketer and just needs new ideas for their brand / clients. What about those who do need marketing tactics, but have too little knowledge to judge which of the 796 (thanks, Ladder: O) tactics to choose?
Since I'm a big fan of automation and "productizing" services, I would't be happy to refer someone like that to an expensive advertising agency. Instead, I prefer to come up with an algorithm that will be able to recommend appropriate tactics based on the interpretation of the needs of a given type of business or even a specific company. For now, I prepared the parameters that I use as a growth hacker when choosing tactics for my clients:

  • Business Model (B2C, B2B, both? Does it even matter?)
  • Business Type (Ale they selling products or services? Is it startup, e-commerce, someone in need of digital transformation or just regular brick & mortar?)
  • Budget (Do they have regular media buying budget?)
  • Goal (Are they selling online or just generationg leads?)
  • Community (Is it already there or should we stard building it?)
  • Problem (What have they already tried but is challenging for them?)
  • Value proposition (What advantages can they show?)
  • Segment (Who are they targeting your product to? Which of these segments is the most important?)
  • Customer's pain (What pains do they need to ease for their clients?)
  • Channels already owned (What channels and methods of relationship have they already built, e.g. blog, call center, portfolio)
  • Purchase method (Is it fully online?)
  • Payment frequency (Do their client pay once in a lifetime or maybe it's a subscription? Or maybe payment is just made ad hoc?)
  • Revenue characteristics (How about their margin and sesonality? Are promotions available frequntly, sesonally or not at all?)
  • Limitations (Ar they ready to make videos? Is there someone in the team able to write content? Do they speak language well enough) - thanks to John Crestani curtesy (https://www.indiehackers.com/JohnCrestani1?id=D3LVU5zcPdTLE8XVUrjhC45vce12)

Let me know what you think about my list - I'd love to accept criticism if you think something doesn't matter to brand marketing at all. For example, in my opinion, the industry does not matter at all for the tactics that I propose to the client - within one branch I can find businesses so different, so different from the competition, that assessing the usefulness of a tactic universally for the industry seems silly to me.

What are your parameters that guide you when choosing tactics? Let me know!

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    The parameters I look at are:

    • who are the competitors
    • how are they marketing
    • can i do that too
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      Good point! Competition is one of the most important issues, and the reason why I believe industry doesn't matter that much to tactics - rather, your position in the industry and the overall demand for services of your kind. I’m placing this issue in the “Problem” section but it might need separate one since it’s so important.

      What do you mean by „can i do this”? Will you describe this thought further, please?

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        What I meant by 'can i do this' is that maybe the competitor does in-person meetings, phone call demos during US business hours, and you cant do that because your in a completely different timezone or country or dont speak english well. There may be other constraints that keep you from being able to compete with a given tactic; network effects, capital needed to dev a feature, etc.

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          Great, now I get it! So my list definitely needs to be supplemented with "Limitations" parameter that'll exclude tactics that are too much for your stage/resources. Thanks a lot! :)

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