My Second Release on PH. Numbers.

This time I decided to release a free pack of illustrations, since last time I published the most expensive illustrations and this brought a small number of users even for the free demo version.

The goal was to collect as many users as possible, as many emails as possible. I knew that free products have a good virality; they are often scattered around blogs and social networks. Awesome! This is what I need. The kapustin.co brand does not exist on the market yet, so we need to make ourselves known with the help of high-quality free products.

1 Free Porto Illustrations

I created Porto Illustrations, a completely free pack of 20 scenes. You can check it out here. I prepared everything for release on PH and released it on January 14.

2 Screenshot from February 13

Until that day, my daily website visitors had not exceeded 20, and the very next day Google Analytics showed me 250 visitors. This is a fail… A free high-quality product and such low activity! After looking at other releases over the next few days, I realized that January is not the best time for a product release. Activity on PH is really very low. All PH visitors are still resting after the holidays and do not come to the site.

3 Before / after statistic

I got about 170 upvotes and got cleaned up of bots, so the next day I had 130 upvotes. It’s a second fail…

But my plan worked! Despite the disastrous launch on January 14, on January 18, my product had already hit several design sites and YouTube. Boooooom! I got 600 users in one day! From that day until today (February 21), there are at least 60 users every day on kapustin.co

4 Screenshot from February 13

Now, your favorite, the numbers:

  • Sales: $0
  • Donations for Demo: $2
  • Emails: 500+
  • Dubious partnership offers: 1
  • Interesting partnership proposals: 1
  • Visitors: 1000+
  1. 1

    Haha dubious partnership offers are the best :D

  2. 1

    Gratulations! PH is worth it after all.

    1. 1

      Thanks Thomas, agree with you.

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