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My Sendgrid alternative landing page

Hi IH,

Suppose you were looking for an alternative to Sendgrid:

  • you would go to Google
  • google 'sendgrid alternative' or something similar
  • check the pages that are listed

What's the information that you would look for?

This is the landing page I am working on:
Sendgrid alternative

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    Personally, I would not look for pricing when comparing a young startup with some larger cooperation. Because I suspect that pricing will change anyway. And I wouldn't trust that feature comparison if it isn't from a neutral party. IMO a startup cannot win a feature war. I would prefer to see a USP in a single dimension like: Sendgrid takes too much time to set up? Here is why we are much simpler and have you covered on all the things you need as a [part of the market segment].

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