May 21, 2019

My Shopify app is at 125 monthly users, how do I continue to grow and nurture the app to a healthy level?

Patrick B @patrickbolle

I've been a Shopify Expert developer for 3 years and started about a year ago creating an app for product waiting lists on Shopify. It was launched about 2 months ago and reception so far has been pretty good.

It was featured as a Staff Pick on the homepage of the Shopify App Store last week, which basically tripled my installations.

After that spike, I'm not sure what the best next steps are for gaining more customers and/or just consistently keeping up with my current customers (are they happy? do they want another feature?)

I've got a great customer support reputation, I answer basically every request within hours; the app functions perfectly (though can always be improved).

I know content marketing is a great idea, but I'm at a loss for types of blog posts to write. I don't really do social media and not a fan of advertising / have always avoided it as a developer as I am just not a fan, but I understand the usefulness.

Really, I'm super happy with it's current state but I know I'm going to lose customers (normal churn) so I'm just trying to think of my next best steps to gain back those customers and more.

The app costs $9.99 USD / month; it can be found here:

Would love any thoughts or resource suggestions on this sort of stuff. Basically I'm looking for the level equivalent of like 'intermediate' - I've made a product, people are paying for it and enjoy it, but where do I go from here?

Podcasts, books, anything!

Thanks so much folks.

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    I'd write content about product launches. Do a research study on products that used a wait-list to launch and the stats about how it impacted their business.