My side project is finally in BETA

I have finally published my first side project, Luna Hosting.
I know for many this isn't a lot, but I tend to quit on my side projects often when they become too complicated for me.
I kept it simple for this one and I am not totally proud of the backend code, but I am really happy to finally have a project that I released into the public.

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    Its is really amazing, i won't see this is not complex its looks like you work really hard.
    what is the your tech stack and in how much time you build this

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      I usually go for the MEVN stack on my side projects, but for this one you can take away the E as I went for serverless functions with Netlify. I usually don't like serverless, but I wanted to give it a go.

      It took me about a month to get this together.

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    That's awesome, congratulations for launching.I'm hosting a Minecraft server for my son and his friends off my desktop. If you'd launch earlier you could have had my money 🤣

    I totally agree on going for something simple. I've also been bitten by following ideas that require too much effort before you can ship a reasonable MVP. Get something simple out there, start marketing, get customers, then start growing from there.

    (I've also just reached BETA stage for my side project)

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      Aww what a shame 🙈

      Yeah I easily get caught up with the feeling that I have to release something perfect with all the features and more.

      Congratz on your BETA :)

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    This is amazing! All the best

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    This looks amazing. Makes me want to play minecraft again. Congrats! :)

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      Hehe glad to hear it :)

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    Congrats! This is huge by any measure! Best of luck

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    Looks awesome! Congrats Andraz 🎆🙌

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      Thanks so much 😊

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    Congrats on the release! Don't worry about the backend code, you have done it.

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    Looks really good and simple steps. All the best with the launch, hope it's going well. Please do share some stats and tips, I will be launching my product to public beta soon.

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    Looks great man, congratulations and good luck!

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    Re backend does that “isn’t pretty”, just remember that your code isn’t the product you are selling. As long as it is stable and makes you money, then it is pretty enough :)

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