My Side Project Turned Into a $10M Backed Startup

Two years ago, I started a small side project on Github named, Appwrite (https://github.com/appwrite/appwrite). I was initially focused on solving my own problems and turning my personal dev experience into something more enjoyable by building a unified platform to provide me all those generic APIs I had to re-engineer over and over again. This was also a great way for me, a self-taught software engineer, to give back to the open-source community that gave me my career in tech.

Immediately after releasing the project, I realized it solved so many devs problems besides my own, and a community started forming around it. Twenty-four months later, the Appwrite community has over 40,000 developers using our self-hosted & open-source Firebase alternative.

Today we have just announced raising $10m to build a company to help the project and our community to step up to the next level. We were lucky enough to partner with some of the best dev-tooling-oriented VCs out there to help us achieve our vision.

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      Thank you so much!!

  1. 2

    Amazing Milestone Eldad!

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      Thanks Christy! Thanks for being a huge part of our journey!!

  2. 1

    Congrats! Love your story.

  3. 1

    Sounds amazing!
    Good luck!

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    Thats a powerful story! Having a community behind it is even better :) Kudos!

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    Thanks for sharing! This is such inspiration for all of us to KEEP GOING!

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    WOW ! Very impressive 👏

  7. 1

    I noticed Appwrite around 1 year ago. Great progress, congrats!

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    That's interesting. I'm currently using Firebase and I'm quite happy with it, but I'm always bugged by those stories where you make one mistake and you end up with $100k bill for the cloud.

    Also, it's really hard to debug Firebase Cloud Functions properly (or I just don't know how to do it).

    I'll take a look at appwrite with my next project!

    Thanks for sharing

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      You're welcome! Feel free to join us on Discord if you need any help: https://appwrite.io/discord

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