My side project will eliminate need for cloud. Today I launched my landing page. Need feedback.

This is my first post here - yay!

I have been working on this project (few iterations of it) for the past 10 years or so. Long story for another post.

The past few months have been busy working in my spare time on the MVP of the latest iteration of the concept. Hoping to launch the first MVP sometime in the fall.

In the meantime I have launched a new landing page.


Hoping for some honest feedback.

On purpose don't want to provide more details here. I would rather like you to go check it out without any pre-set expectations/explanations and let me know if it does the job.

Any honest, constructive, critical feedback is welcome.

Thanks in advance and will be posting more on my journey over next little while.

  1. 2

    I cannot give much feedback as it is way outside of my field of expertise and could not understand much. But maybe for people like me (if we are even your target at all tbh), a short video in the hero section could be good.

    1. 1

      Good feedback. I would like anyone to be able to get what this is all about irrespective if they fall in the target audience or not. Video is good idea but if you need video to get it I missed something on the top of the page to get your attention and enough info.... Will be looking into this. Thank you!

  2. 1

    Sorry, don't understand what you are building

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