My snazzy landing page. 🤔 What can I do better?

Just published a new super snazzy looking landing page for log.fm

Let me know what you think? Anything I can do or write better?

Should I add more info/text about the offerings?

What is log.fm?

A podcast search engine or sorts that helps you find and follow podcasters as they appear on shows around the web.

You will also be able to create custom podcast playlists. Either private for yourself (like a listen later playlist) or public ones to share with your friends or followers)

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    Hey Nick! I took a crack at feedback for you, hope it helps: https://app.usebolt.io/board/a92w67siqui8sx9dNKNzjg/p

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      Thanks @pips for such great actionable advice. It all makes perfect sense too. I was planning on adding somethings you talked about like the pictures of people and more call to actions. But just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

      PS: Honestly, was a bit hesitant to create an account from the usebolt site. But woooh am I glad I did. Great app and great feedback from you. Is that your app?

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        No problem! Let me know when you update it and I can give you any other pointers.

        Yup it's my app - you don't have to sign up though, you can click 'Not now' at the bottom of the modal or just comment as a guest. Guess I need to make that clearer!

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          I have made the changes you suggested if you want to check them out. Thanks again! I think it is much better now!

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            I agree - messaging is SO much clearer now, really great changes!

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          We'll too late then. I create one of the free accounts. Hahaha great looking app. And I was on my phone too. I'll check it out on my laptop later when I get to making the changes.

          I would love to talk about your app DM me on twitter (@nickfrosty) or email me nick[at]frostbutter if you wanna talk about it

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            Ah yeah if you're on mobile the experience of the feedback board is probably terrible - planning on a native mobile experience for the future though! Will DM you :)

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              It was actually really good and smooth. After browsing around, I really only saw one UI issue for mobile :)

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    I would add that i think you would be well served adding some more information about the service itself in practical terms that could be useful to users.

    For example, what platforms are you pulling data from? Will the service have an index of creators who self host? What about youtube? Does the service know what youtube video is a podcast vs what is not?

    You did exactly this at the bottom by explaining what happens after a playlist is curated and how we can then use it to listen to what we want in 1 place.

    Understand you have not launched yet and you may not have answers to everything, and that is fine. I do think that articulating to the user how this actually helps them will lead to more curiosity and sign ups.

    I love the concept both for personal use, but also for scouting podcasts for potential sponsorship from a business standpoint.

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      I like what you are saying about explaining more about it. Sort of a general "how it works" and "where we get the data" section. I will work on these for sure 👍 thanks!

      I'm glad you like it. I had not thought about it for any sort of business use like that. I am intrigued. I got your email so I would love to talk more about you thought on it.

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