Productivity August 26, 2020

My task manager is currently #1 on Product Hunt 🎉

Marie Ng @threehourcoffe

Hey fellow IH,

This is my first launch on Product Hunt as a solo maker, after teaching myself to code! 👩🏻‍💻

Would appreciate any feedback, questions and love you can give it today 🥰

It's a timed task manager, similar to pomodoro but more flexible and fun 🎉

For background: I taught myself to code 10 months ago, with the goal of building and launching something from scratch. Super pleased to have met that goal (although...we're always 'launching' aren't we...? ).

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    Awesome backstory, and great job launching so quickly!

    I see so many people struggle to learn programming. How did you manage to pick it up in 10 months? Did it just click from the start for you? Did you have some previous knowledge that made it easier? Are you just super dedicated and focused? :)

    Congrats again, upvoted!

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      Thanks @AndrewV!
      I'd just failed and shut down my previous startup (e-commerce/logistics) and was feeling quite down about it, so set myself the coding challenge to give myself some focus while I figured out what to do next. No previous coding experience, but have worked alongside developers before and have always been in awe.
      Turns out I really love coding!
      I did put in a lot of hours - 3-4hrs on average every day. I also tried to build in public to keep myself accountable, which for me really helped!

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        That's awesome. Building in public also helps with building audiences!

        Congrats again on the launch :)

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    Cool! Did you have a background in design?

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      hey @girishw, no, no background in design. I learnt to use Sketch though and it is amazing. I'm probably only using 1% of what it can do 😂

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    Amazing achievement within 10 months of learning to code, congratulations! The website and app look beautiful too 😍

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      thank you so much @blunicorn! (I love your handle by the way 🔵🦄)

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    Congrats! It looks really nice. Upvoted and will try it today!

    @niloy was asking resources to learn coding to build a web app. Maybe you can also share your journey, how you learned to code etc. with him or others.

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      Thanks @bozkan!
      And thanks for the heads up on the 'learning to code' thread. I'll definitely share my journey over there. I think a massive part of it is finding a learning method that works for you. eg I'm terrible at reading books, but videos I can do. I watched a lot of youtube coding videos and also did a course on Udemy to give myself more structure. I'll post a longer explanation on the learn to code thread!

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    The tool looks cool. Great creativity on focus button. Upvoted. Good luck with your journey

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      thanks so much @prakashn! do you know what's funny...I debated doing that focus effect on the button, but several people have commented on it now so I think it's a 'winner' lol

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        It is the selling point for the website. Job well done.

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    This is amazing! What an achievement. Congrats!

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    Exceptional work! Especially for 10 months going from zero to something as beautiful as that. I've been coding for > 30 years and I take my hat off to you at what you have achieved. 👏

    EDIT: Ooh - nice touch on the "Give me focus" button on the main website! Love your creativity and fun personality of the site/tool!

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      hi @Devan, thanks for the kind words, you made my day! It means lot 🥰.

      Glad you like the "Give me focus" button! I wasn't sure whether to include that effect (from a usability standpoint) but it has been getting a lot comments, so happy that I did!

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    I posted this on PH too but I wanted to say that your story taught me the value of execution over idea. I built something similar a while ago ( but it definitely isn't as clean and well implemented as Llama.

    This just goes to show that the idea doesn't mean anything, and you gotta focus your energy on executing the idea to the most useful, polished version you can make. When people complain about competition, I just tell them that if you can't compete, your company doesn't deserve to survive, just like an organism in a highly competitive evolutionary environment. Thanks for the lesson, at least now your app validates my own product 😀.

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      thanks @satvikpendem - there's always room for more task managers in this world :) Productivity is one of those funny things where it's not just one tool that works for everybody. Good luck with your project!

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    Love this @threehourcoffe. Great to see this launch on PH! Keep up the great work!

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    beautiful product! coming from someone who gave up on todo list apps a long time ago :)

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      thanks @dagorenouf!
      What made you give up on todo list apps? Maybe I can create something to bring you back 😆

      1. 1

        The number one reason is that I always end up with tons of things that I don't need to do anymore. For example, I'll create a big list of what I think I should be doing in the next few months: it feels nice and tidy initially. Then, as the weeks pass, I realize that a lot of things that I planned are not that important anymore, and that I won't need to do them. The problem is that now, I have to reorganize the whole list, and it's very tedious. My current solution to this problem is to create a new text file every week or so, where I list the things that I think matter right now. That way I'm not cluttered with too much things to sort again. I haven't found an app that solved that problem elegantly.

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          Thanks that's good insight.

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    Congrats, must be an exciting time! God speed Hacker!

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      thanks @NextTrillionDollars
      (i like how your username just skips over the billions 😆)

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        In the race with Bezos and Musk here, they have healthy lead... which they are making bigger everyday by an amount far more than I'm likely to make in a lifetime. 😆

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    Congrats! I really dig the design. I've tried many productivity tools but only Apple Notes and Trello have stuck so far. I like the simplicity of this one though so it may have a chance 😊

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      thanks @istvankreisz! I was definitely going for simplicity 😊. Let me know if you have any feature requests that would help.

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    This looks like a really fun and useful product. Wishing you the best on your journey.

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    Impressive 👏 Really clean and clear design. Well done!

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      thank you @wardsandler 🥰. That means a lot. It's been a lot of hard work, but totally worth it

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    I've been using Llama today - I love the tool! Congrats - you have my upvote ✌️

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      thanks for the feedback and support @pips!

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    That's an awesome story and congrats on achieving the first goal! Upvoted.

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    Congrats! The animated lama is awesome ;)

    The tool looks interesting too. I'm a bit afraid that a countdown timer would cause anxiety (for me), but I will give it a try :)

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      the animated llama is pretty great isn't it? That's the work of this very talented guy:

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