My website translation app just hit $18k MRR 🤑

I can’t even believe I just wrote those words. ConveyThis is experiencing absolutely insane growth right now

In the last week alone, we’ve added 10 subscriptions, which total over $500/month in revenue.

I think it’s about time I get some help. 😅

Here’s the 3 things that have contributed to my growth the most:

Webflow has grown in popularity over the last year and tech companies are finally realizing it’s the future of landing page development. ConveyThis has been positioned to be one of the best sources for it, and one of the few at that. If you’re looking for your next productive service, hint hint.

Several months ago we lowered our prices:

$54 > $45/m
$18 > $15/m

Every time we lower the prices, the growth spurs.

Last but most importantly, referrals. The fact that I’ve never paid a cent on marketing speaks to how important this is to ConveyThis.com. It continues to be my #1 most valuable tool for growth, and that’s simply a result of producing the best work you can get in the language translation subscription space.

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    Congrats! Pretty cool space. Never knew there is demand for such a product.

    How did you acquire your first 10 customers ?

    1. 1

      Thanks. The demand is very competitive. There are lots of bottom feederst who sabotage the demand (aka Google Translate widget) and steer the public in the wrong direction.
      First 10 customers where were from the agency email list and cold email outreach.

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    I just wonder what about google translates let me know more quite interesting product

    1. 3

      Google Translate has the following deficiencies:

      1. iframe on top of the translated pages
      2. lack of button customization
      3. lack of translation editing
      4. lack of SEO benefits (no separate pages, no hreflang tags, no updated sitemaps.xml)
      5. doesn't integrate with a shopping cart

      Yes, you can still use Google Translate, but why?!

      1. 1

        Thanks that makes complete sense

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    Hi, Congrats! Whenever you're ready to hire, I'd be really interested. I'd love to work for a small startup where there's opportunity to wear several hats.

    Once again, congrats! This is no mean feat. I hope you're proud.

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