My weekend project: your favorite tweets delivered to your inbox

Inspired by a tweet from @dr I made favo.so over the weekend!


The idea is quite simple: after logging in with your Twitter account, favo.so will start sending you weekly emails with one of your (randomly chosen) Twitter likes.

It's a free tool and I don't store any Twitter tokens/secrets of the user.

What do you think?

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    It was really cool to see you take the idea and have something to show on Monday!

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    I think you can go even "lower barrier to entry" with this, with making a small tool where I enter my Twitter account, and it gives me a random Tweet on the web interface.

    You can even gamify this..."Will you be ashamed to send a random Tweet you liked to a friend?", something of that nature. Or "What's the most embarrassing Tweet you liked?"

    You could then take this as an output and get people to share it on their Twitter profile, thus boosting your visibility.

    1. 1

      Those are some really cool ideas but I'm worried how many people would come back to this website after a week or month?

      I would rather like to figure out how to overcome the user's fears of signing up to an unknown service like favo.so 🤔

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    Hi Tomi!

    I think you need to focus on value proposition here. People are not waiting for yet another email in their inbox every week, unless the email has value to them or bring inspiration. I think choosing 1 liked tweet and show it again to them is no reason for them to sign up for the weekly email.

    I see you are a full stack data guy, maybe come up with some new fresh ideas around this one. Data analytics, machine learning, predictions, tweet optimization, etc.

    Good luck with your project!

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      Hey Nick,

      thank you so much for your feedback, really appreciate it!

      I do plan to add some sort of "intelligence" to favo.so, just wanted to keep the first version as simple as possible (maybe too simple 🙃)

      1. 1

        I like your approach of keeping it simple, just try adding in new features step by step. I have some interesting ideas around this, I will hit you up on twitter!

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