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My working MVP to save fees on coinbase

Hey everyone! I built a little prototype that I want to share to find out if I should continue refining it or build something else instead.

A while back I noticed that coinbase fees are higher on regular coinbase as opposed to coinbase pro. For example, buying $10 of bitcoin on coinbase costs $0.99, but on coinbase pro is $0.05.

First I wrote a python script that I ran using cron to make these buys, and ran it all summer. It's even open source on github and I have a detailed README for setting it up, so people can use that for free. I know at least one person did.

To make it more usable to the general public, I built a web app to do the coinbase "Repeat Purchase" feature on coinbase pro. Users will save fees on every purchase. I use it myself for a daily buy of Ethereum.

Right now my big question is, will anyone go through the trouble of adding an API key? I think maybe only people who understand APIs will use the app, no matter how much onboarding material I make.

I'm a developer, not a designer so ugliness might be a problem.

About me: I'm privacy-focused and into Linux and open source software. I intentionally didn't add any ads or trackers or nonsense like that to my app.

My general philosophy mostly involves making super fast, lean apps that give regular users as much power and speed as programmers do.


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    Okay so:
    I am sure anyone definitely wants to pay lower fees but how can they "trust" you? I think I totally clicked on your button but then I was asked to sign up - and I don't really know what I am signing up for at this point...

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