My YEN Camp Testimonial

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of connecting with @8bit and learning about YEN.io

Taking the YEN bootcamp was a great experience in learning to build community before product. John has a wealth of experience with growing communities and product development. I was not sure what to fully expect when going into the bootcamp but came out of it with a much clearer idea of the action steps I needed to take in order to bring my idea to life.

As someone who has built projects in the past that failed to gain any real traction, community building was an essential component that I now know I was missing. The foundations for any good business lie with making your first customers advocates of your brand. The content of the camp not only shows you the importance of this, but also gets you taking action towards implementing it for yourself.

It was also great to have access to the existing community and see the progress of those who had gone through the material before me. Being able to ask questions and speak with others who have complementary skill sets was and continues to be an amazing resource. Thank you @8bit and I look forward to continuing our relationship going forward!

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    of course my friend! it's been such a pleasure to have you join our small, business & community-building group! the progress over the last few weeks has been substantial!

    i can't wait to see where you go in 2020!

    a little something that i created for you:



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      Thanks so much @8bit. Appreciate all of your effort and the small things never go unnoticed !!

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