Nailing Quora Marketing - 5k weekly views with a few minutes of work

This is still heavily untapped in 2021 along with Pinterest. So how do you "nail" it effectively in a couple of minutes?

Firstly, no you don't just go and answer the question you want.

Quora works well with landing you brand impressions, a healthy no follow/follow ratio, and consistent long term click-throughs to your website

TL;DR Quora has a much better DA than you, here's how to leverage it and the tools you can use

Strat 1

Use Semrush + Quora to find out which quora posts rank in the top 5 positions of Google search for keywords you're looking to be found for. Answer those questions, and you'll land leads organically

Strat 2

Same as above but use AHREFS, type in Quora in the website explorer and then go to top pages/organic keywords in the left corner. In this page filter by your search term in the filter input and you'll find the top-rated pages with the organic traffic on the right as well as the SERP position (higher the better)

Strat 3

Quora ads (not many talk about this). Set up a quora ads, costs nothing, create a fake campaign, add any budget, then on page 2 (ad set page) under "Choose primary targeting", choose questions, then bulk add. type in your keywords and quora will give you its weekly impression estimates

This way you know organically how many people see these questions

Strat 4

Use tools like QApop, secret weapon (works sometimes really well), the do all of the above for you, but $$. You also get google organic traffic (I believe they use Ahrefs underneath) for questions you can target. They have a report based pricing but speaking to the founder, they said they're moving to MRR which is great. I would definitely check them out wrt to intent and focus on which questions to answer

Strat 5

Break down your answer with a shock header image at the top, choose a popular person or a trending event, familiarity will draw eyes. Remember you're audience is scrolling through a wall of text, scroll stopper images that have popular people, "attractive" people or a shock factor help!

Answer the question similar to a blog with headings and expanded topics. This is by far the most popular approach I've seen work!

Strat 6

See what other popular people are doing with their answers and the questions they answer. You can find them whenever you go to a question, you'll see the "top writers", its often best to follow along

Automate as much as you can to scale the f*** out of this. Hire microblog writers or use AI copywriting tools

I use smartwriter.ai (disclaimer I built this tool) with a dedicated "Quora answer" section.

You can generate high-quality 400-word answers in 2 mins💥

I hope this helps! All the best!

  1. 2

    Another great way to find Quora question is the following google search:

    site:http://quora.com intitle:keywords "1 answer" "view 1 upvoter" "k views"

    1. 1

      Ah yeah google operator approach. This is great too, however I haven't found much luck in it, don't know why... i might have done something wrong the first time

  2. 1

    I tried strat 3, but no matter how many questions I added, reach is still 60-150. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. 2

      no you're not, it just means the volume for that topic isn't as high. Remember that the usual high volume ones are more around software development, sex, life, motivation the usual shiz

      What you can do, and sometimes I did is use those verticals and spin your product into the answer

      Good thing is you get traffic in the boat loads, but bad thing is its very unqualified traffic

      Focus on quora question + SERP positioning, if the quora question ranks in google its best imo

  3. 1

    This is awesome. Quora is a huge source of traffic but you have to be subtle about it. You nailed indeed. Thanks for the Strat 3, Imma gonna do that right now.

    1. 1

      Let me know how you go! All the best with it!

  4. 1

    I spent a morning on Quora but all my answers were marked as spam. A way round this?

    1. 1

      If you're just starting out with fresh account:
      Don't post "naked" links or URL's only.
      Don't post one- two sentence answers
      Don't post one-two sentence + your link
      Don't post a link in every answer, even if it is a long one
      Actually I have made a case study, check it out if you're interested https://www.peakminute.com/traffic-from-quora-case-study/

    2. 1

      Not a quora expert but that would mean the wording was "overly" transactional. Would happen to me at times when I first started.

      Goal is to keep links to a few (2-4) (no social media platform likes people leaving their platform) and offering it more as "advice" rather buy me now (not saying that you did either ofc)

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