Nakkeeran Raveendran saves charities over $5k (changes lives)

Saved charities $5,130. That's a meaningful milestone. @Nakkeeran of We Care Social may not be able to give much money, but he can still contribute his time and skills. And now he's building a business doing exactly that. Here's what inspired him:

I work on behalf of founders who want to be more socially responsible. They pay me $20 per year and I build websites for charitable organizations without charging the charity. It's not enough to get by, so I freelance a bit too. But I do it because I witnessed firsthand how, with the right support, care, and affection, people from poorer backgrounds can make a better life for themselves.

My dad is a medical professor and I grew up on a compounded campus where doctors employed maids to help with their household work. I remember noticing that the doctors' children were openly discriminating against the children of the maids. But in my eyes, they were just like me — other 11-year-olds who spoke the same language and loved to play.

I, and two of my friends, started to talk to the other children. We bonded over time, exploring the campus together and starting our own football team. We became friends for life. And believe it or not, being on that football team actually led to many of them creating stable lives as policemen. But that's another story.

I've always wanted to help people. And while I could give maybe $100 per year to charities, I realized that if I gave them my time and skills instead, I could save them thousands on building websites. So that's what I do. We started a couple of months ago and we've already saved charities over $5,000."

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