Developers August 24, 2020

Name a number that you groove to while coding?

Marvin Danig @marvindanig

Heya Indies! 🥁

Share just one song that you love listening to on your headphones when you throw open the editor in front of you. The number could be in any language, of any genre, an instrumental or even new unknown teenager band.

Whatever floats your boat!

Let's compile a list of favorite songs for indie hackers.

I'll start. I'm currently listening to Sue by No Suits with a dash of JavaScript. 😎

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    Mostly ambient electronic, lots of Tycho. Here's my current coding playlist

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      Seconded Tycho, so good

  2. 4

    This is my Work playlist. I listen to it on shuffle

    1. 2

      Ohoho so many classics in there! I like your tastes sir.

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    This mix right here. I can listen to this 3x a day. it's the perfect length, and got the right groove at the right time. upbeat vocal at the beginning, and then the last 3/4ths are perfect to get into the groove on a problem.

    It's Phonica Mix Series 60: Detroit Swindle and I found it through Flow State, a free newsletter for background music.

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    I can highly recommend techno and psytrance mixes, here are some good ones I found lately:

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      When i listen some hard beat, i start to dance where i sit, so kinda distracting.

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    If Im in rush to finish something, or a bugs been persiting for way longer than it should be i put on dnb (subfocus mainly) and somehow i code faster and better.

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    Not a single song but my number one album, from start to finish, for listening to while coding has, for years, been Godflesh—Streetcleaner (1989). It 100% gets me into the zone every time.

    1. 2

      I thought I was the only one. It isn't always Streetcleaner but it's almost always Godflesh.

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    I mostly prefer the instrumentals without any lyrics. Sometimes go crazy with African banjos or ancient carnatic.

    My fallback list is always the soundtracks from The social network, Interstellar & (the odd one) dubstep.

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    I usually go with long extended mixes so I dont have to change song or pay attention, just to go with flow. I had really productive times with Christian Löffler and Einmusik, take a hit.

  9. 2

    Personally I find video game soundtracks are some of the best to work to. Depending on the type of work I'm doing and my mood...

    More chill, relaxed and creative:

    • C418 (created the Minecraft soundtrack. Love the mixing of nature sounds with the music)
    • Philip Glass (piano and orchestral with a lot of repeating verses)
    • Lena Raine (created Celeste soundtrack)
    • Gareth Coker
    • Yagya
    • Loscil

    For getting down to business, powering through and writing code:

    • Test Shot Starfish (you'd know them if you watch the SpaceX launch streams)
    • Carpenter Brut
    • Ben Prunty (created the soundtrack for the games FTL and Into the Breach)
    • Emancipator
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    I just discovered Catching Flies and has been jamming on his debut album, Silver Linings!

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    It greatly differs what type of coding I need to do. I love to listen music when doing routine coding where I have good idea what the result should be. But when I am digging through something complicated, I need absolute quite. I love a lot of music, mainly listening to the golden era of Rock from 70's like Queen.

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    So I recently found a huge Lo-Fi Hip Hop/Chillhop playlist on spotify that keeps my brain noise on minimum and helps to concentrate.

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    The xx usually! Also Harris Heller when wanting something more intense.

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    I'm listening Hollow Knight OST lofi version right now.

    Love this game and soundtrack.

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    I listen to synthwave music while coding. Makes me feel cool lmao.
    I really like this song - Synthwave goose - Blade Runner 2049

  16. 1

    Anything Marshmallow Music :)

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