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Narrative content creators

When the creative economy is discussed on here, I find it's mostly in reference to people who make tutorials and how-to infotainment. I'd love to hear from creators in more of the pure entertainment realm: animators, comedians, musicians, narrative filmmakers. Are there people on here who are making that work as a business model?

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    I have a suspicion that pure entertainers aren't going to be Indiehackers. I can think of a few artists/designers who produce products like illustrations, and icons for a living. They might be here. Pablo Stanley comes to mind.

    You might try places like YouTube Creator FB Group or for those who do more instagram (photos and video) try Influence.co.

    I also created the CreatorScape over on influence.co so I know they do want to have discussions about the creator economy as much as be part of the creator economy.

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