Need a partner for intermediate coding

Hello Indie Hackers!

I'm great at marketing and branding, problem is my skills in coding are not great. I have a project in mind In A Catering Sector. Its going to require some code with what I've found online its pretty simple but I don't have much experience if any in that field. The code would need to be structured like Uber so that includes GPS the ability for peer to peer to contact and meet . I can can go more in depth once you contact me. I was wondering would anybody like to join or partner, any work done well be credited and you will have a stake in the project/company

contact me on here
or anywhere @capiflvcko

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    Hi @Capiflvcko - I would suggest providing maybe a bit more context for readers. What is it that you're trying to build? What type of technical help do you need? What skillsets will you bring to the table that would entice readers to want to partner on this project? (Just to name a few questions that come to mind)

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    I'd be interested in joining and helping out. Senior .net developer from the UK.

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      Hey absolutely! thank you but can you email at [email protected]

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