Need a quality web designer/landing page maker

I have multiple projects that needs someone with a flair for UI and a spark with the entrepreneurial bug.

I can offer paid gigs for client project work and revenue sharing for work on a SaaS product.

Looking for someone with a keen eye for visual details, and web design skills.

One project is a SaaS tool that generates image handling code for developers. (I dont have it listed on my IH profile but I will send thru all the details. ) The tool solves a real problem for developers and saves them countless hours in programming time.

Secondly, I get requests from my clients in the IT service work area, for web development so I want someone I can work with in a partner role. I wear a few hats but UI is not my strong point.

Ideally would suit someone who compliments my own skills. Some of the work will be based on UX wireframes, some will be completely your designs.

Please pop thru an email with any of your best landing page or web design sites and let's talk.

Thankyou! 😃

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    Hello Pete, I have sent you a mail. looking forward to hearing from you. See ya

    1. 1

      Hi Rishabh,
      I can't seem to find the email. I tried my spam folder just in case aswell.
      Can you confirm that it was delivered ok? Or provide me a first name to search by for it? Thanks

      1. 1

        Hello, it has been delivered. you can search it by

        Name - Rishabh Kapoor
        Email id - [email protected]

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    Hi Pete, I'm a Designer with 12+ years of experience. And an entrepreneur at heart, always working has a freelancer. I'm used to wear a lot of hats on my business ventures, so I get what you are looking for. I'm looking to add some SaaS related UI Designs on my portfolio. Let's talk.

  3. 1

    Hi Pete,
    Not sure if you're still looking for a freelancer. But, in case you are here's my portfolio : https://minaz-portfolio.webflow.io

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