Need a technical Co-founder for a Subscription as a Service web product


I'm Martins, and I am a full stack developer with over 5 years of experience in different forms of software development.

I'm looking for a technical Co-founder who can join me in the development of a web-based product looking at operating in the Subscription space.

Subscriply is a web-based service that offers subscription services to non-SaaS businesses of almost any size that relies on the internet. With Subscriply, entrepreneurs no longer need to neglect subscription-model opportunities for their business ventures, nor do they need to hire a developer to integrate the subscription model into their application.

Subscriply enables non-Saas businesses to integrate subscription models into their websites.

Subscriply provides embedded codes that can be added to websites to perform different actions, like (Restricting access to a page should the user not have the right subscription, displaying available subscriptions in certain render formats, display forms and accepting payments from customers).

Businesses using Subscriply can request certain information from their customers while subscribing, this can help them manage their customers and also reach out to them easily.

Potential. Customers:

  • HMOs
  • Bloggers
  • Media houses
  • Insurance Companies
  • Technically any business that offers their services to the internet

If interested or got any questions, let's chat.

I will share a Google doc containing more details to potential Co-founders.

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    Sounds like https://www.memberstack.com/ ? What would you do differently?

    1. 1

      Also, I realised that Memberstack is not exactly a subscription service, it's mainly about members and supporting paid membership.

      I think Subscriply is a combo between (https://chargebee.com) and MemberStack

    2. 1

      Well, I didn't know Memberstack existed, but with Subscriply, you don't need to have your own website before you can actually support subscriptions.

      I will have to take a full look at Memberstack to understand all they support, but it's nice to know there is a close competitor.

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    This is a cool idea! Not for me necessarily, but wanted to drop this link here: https://www.startupschool.org/cofounder-matching since YC recently setup a co-founder matching "service" precisely for cases like this.

    good luck!

    1. 1

      Awesome, thank you very much

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