Twitter October 3, 2020

Need advice for a Twitter project



I have been building this tool for twitter creators ( especially gumroad community) --> ( Used Twitter API to build on it)

Most creators end up having a similar voice and tweets, Our tool helps maintain a unique voice

It helps you search your own old tweets and back them up as well,

I wanted your opinion on how can we improve twitter for new creators ?

Please share your thoughts!

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    I was confused because I first saw "Backup your tweets" and then a search box for keywords. It seems like you're trying to pitch 2 things at once on a single landing page which may not be a good idea.

    1. 1

      We were experimenting something, In july Many known accounts were hacked, so we thought backing up your tweets will make sense.

      Some did backup, but yes I realise that this feature either needs to go or needs modification

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