Need Advice: How to do reddit marketing?


I am currently focusing my energy on finding early 20 customers for my product (https://www.hiretheverified.com) using content marketing.

First, I am focusing on Reddit. I have read the numerous post on IH and figure out the following way to excel:

  1. Figure out the subreddit related to your product
  2. Engage on selected subreddit via writing post or comment on the post. Don't write about your product directly.
  3. Once you got enough Karma, then write about your product. Tell A story rather than just posting the link.

Do you guys have any other suggestions? How should I do marketing using Reddit?

Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Find subreddits and look for questions and pain points of your potential users. Try to engage in conversations with them and make personal relationships wherever you can. Understand their needs and wants, and provide value by helping out other users, answering questions and sharing content. It might take you a bit of time but it will also provide you with the credibility among these communities that you can use for promoting your product later on.
    The result of someone else rather than you promoting the product is always better in such subreddits. Get in touch with other users with strong influence in these communities and build a strong relationship with them, who could eventually become the advocates for your product. This collection consists of some of the best guides to launching/marketing your product on Reddit.
    Be consistent. Keep at your Reddit activity. No social media platform provides instant guarantee of ROI, and Reddit is no different. Play the long game and continue being an active, worthwhile contributor to the community.

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      Exactly. Same I am trying to do. I am thinking to engage with the audience as much as can and understand how can I add the value.

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    Hey Ankur,

    Reddit is a super powerfull platform to get your first users. But you shouldn't consider it as a whole, all subreddit has his own policy. Some allows you to post directly without any karma, some don't. Some allows self promo, some hate it.

    20 customers isn't that big. Find the subs that allows you to promote and see what happens!

    • /r/freelance seems pretty strict on self promo
    • /r/digitalnomad/ is maybe an option?
    • /r/Upwork/ is maybe one as well?
    • /r/webdev has a weekly feedback thread every saturday, post it there?
    • other subs dedicated to startups?

    If with these auto-promo post you can't get 20 users, then, yes, you should start create some content and get traffic from it. But it's more a second step IMHO

    PS: I just created a product that helps you to get your first users → spreadtheworld.net

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      Reddit is not my single point to do content marketing. I am focusing on Linkedin, Blog, IH, Reddit and Product Hunt and Hackernews for launching.
      Thanks I will checkout spreadtheworld.net

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    I like /r/SideProject ..my most successful launches that have made it to PH featured have started there.

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