Need advice on growing Tweetastic - beautiful twitter toolkit

Hey, my name is Dimitri! And in my free time I love to build useful products. Lately I've decided to commercialise one of my side projects. It's a twitter tool like hypefury.com or ilo.so which includes the following feature set:

  • scheduling tweets and threads
  • getting visual depiction of your growth
  • getting digests to email and telegram

You can have a look at the landing here: https://www.tweetastic.app/

Although the product is quite mature and I've included dozens of features that people were asking for - I am not entirely sure if anyone will pay for it. My main concern is that I don't have community or channels to push it to such extent that it gets traction and thus feedback to grow it to a successful commercial product. I have relatively large twitter following(13k) but those are developers and I aim at influencers and heavy twitter users with this app.

Looking for any sort of advice from more experienced hackers, especially that concerns finding the right channels to get the right audience.

PS: I am looking for a non-tech cofounder. If you are interested - check out this post:


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    I think you have two simultaneous problems to solve: how do you charge more, and how do you get more users?

    This spreadsheet shows what I mean. If you don't have a lot of users and don't charge a lot, you don't get a lot of MRR. If you don't charge a lot per user, you need an enormous free user base to reach a reasonable revenue number. The spreadsheet is world-editable, so if you want to use it without other people messing it up, you'll need to make a copy :)

    First, to focus on growth, you should find a way to leverage existing users. You should try to find a way to get value from every user. If they aren't paying you money, maybe they should be driving you traffic. One thing that you can do is segment old free users and new free users (if you don't want to anger your existing user base). If free users post a thread or an image, the thread could get a Tweet tacked on that says "This thread was posted by Tweetastic" or something (if this is permitted by Twitter's TOS, of course). And an image that is posted would get watermarked. Users can pay the monthly fee to have it removed. Don't make this a surprise: make it clear before a Tweet is scheduled that this watermark / extra promotional message will be added. This should help both growth and free-to-paid, at the potential expense of increased churn on your free tier.

    Second, to focus on the free->paid conversion rate, you could also offer deals for people to convert. Offer people crazy deals: "6 months free off a 1 year plan," and then charge them an up-front annual subscription. Give them the option to pay the full price monthly if they'd rather do that (but without the discount).

    Also, I see that your competitors charge little money to do this kinda stuff, and I think you want to find a way to perform a more premium service so that you can raise your prices over time. It makes the economics work out a lot better. Scaling the price per install base and offering more for people with larger install bases might be a good way to approach this.

    A lot of this is predicated on growth numbers, so you'd want to keep finding a way to get your product in front of people that have a lot of followers.

    Good luck!

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      This advice is so profound that I can’t express how grateful I am for it - really nice points, will try to think how to bring them to life!

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    I liked your product, good job man :) really nice design

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    Nice tool! I recently finished my first product, a platform to share Twitter threads.
    I love learning from nice Twitter threads but it's impossible to find them all on Twitter.
    That's why I made threadok.com so people can share and find cool Twitter threads.

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    Cool tool you've built there! I would recommend reaching out to some Marketing and Social Media communities to drive growth.

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      This is actually something I’ve been looking for - huge thanks 🙏🏼

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    I've been trying a lot of Twitter analytics + scheduler tools.

    I've found that most lack one or more features that I want, and as a result I end up using multiple apps.

    I would love to know in your words how's tweetastic better or different from others.

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      First of all it combines the best of all worlds - schedule tweets, have analytics in the same app, setup the notifications so you don't open twitter every 10 minutes to check how your posts are doing.

      Moreover I try to account to all suggestions and feature requests quite fast, so when my users think that there is a lack of some feature - I will usually implement it after discussions and viability check.

      Hope that answers your question :D

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