Legal, Tax, and Accounting October 1, 2020

Need an affordable legal guy for SaaS ToS

Stefan Smiljkovic @kinder

Good day good people 👋

I am looking to connect with an affordable legal person who can help me craft ToS and Privacy Policy specifically for my bootstrapped SaaS which is not launched yet, but almost ready. The SaaS is in the web scraping & web automation space.

There are few similar companies that have exactly the same ToS I need for my SaaS, but I don't wanna just copy it. So I need someone who can look at their examples and craft/modify suitable ToS for my business.

If you are the guy or know someone who might be, please comment below.


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    Check out - newer startup with a free quote. 👍

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    This comment was deleted 24 days ago.

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      Thanks I will reach. Waiting for other comments as well.


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