Need any sales leads for your startup? I might have a solution : )

Hi, hackers.

I want to share with you guys about my first indie project. I work in engineers and sales personnel placements for tech companies- basically human resources.

I notice that sometimes it's hard to find startup founders' contact info without paying lots of money for Pitchbook or Crunchbase. I decided to start a subscription service on providing startup sales leads. Check it out and let me know how it is by commenting below.

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    This could be interesting for me! Are there any plans to expand the startup data collection (I'm really looking for pricing and a bit more company info/copy in a spreadsheet) or is that not in the data source/road map you're planning on?

    Been building scrapers for some of these things so it'd be awesome to save the time :D

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      That's a great question. The honest answer is I don't really know. If this turns out to be something viable, I'll probably put together a product roadmap or data pipeline. Feel free to subscribe to update on getsaasleads.com if you don't want to miss out on new features!

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        Subscribed! The taxonomy for my use case is collecting a lot of pricing, marketing, and feature copy so I can eventually understand what each product does/it's target audience ideally without manually filling out a spreadsheet.

        Beyond the copy and prices some image based information collection, think customer logos, and testimonials where available would be nice too.

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          awesome, thanks for the suggestions. I'll go back to the drawing board now and reincorporate those ideas.

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      Is there any specific information you're looking for?

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    What would be interesting for my use case, is to generate leads of an businesses seeking to engage an outsourcing firm for staff augmentation or product development.

    Do you provide these services?

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      We don't currently offer custom service. What I would do if I were you is to use any leads that are close enough to you target audience and optimize your conversion rate from there.

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      can you explain staff augmentation a little more?

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        Staff augmentation is the use of outside developers on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of an organization.

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    Great idea, looks nice.

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